Celebrate the life of a loved one with OurFuneral.com

We offer an online solution to help you finance a funeral, share ceremonies with remote people and create a memorial to honour the life lost.

Our modern online funeral solutions help ease the stress you feel during a highly emotional time by providing various options for you to plan a beautiful, memorable and collaborative service that brings family and friends together quickly and easily in real-time. 

Services We Offer


An incredibly resourceful way to help you finance the funeral

Digital Obituary

Customize and create a digital obituary to publish and share on social media.

Digital Memorial

Collect photos, videos and stories from friends and family in a digital sharing environment

Get help to finance a funeral.

Customize and create a digital obituary.

Share and view photos and memories.

Providing support, help, and hope.

The steps to planning a funeral or a memorial service can be highly overwhelming for someone when dealing with a loss, and the cost of such services can feel like a burden.

We will work through this planning process together.